Friday, 9 September 2022

Friday, 2 September 2022

More New Stuff


SOLD OUT - TOTALITÄR 1998 - 2002 LP Skrammel Records £15.00



SOLD OUT - PHANE "10 Charged Trax" LP on Phobia Records first time on vinyl, debut recordings, 300 copies pressed, black vinyl £13.00 / Red Vinyl £15.00


SOLD OUT - SLAVERY s/t LP on Phobia Records stenchcore from Prague, ffo Hellshock, Axegrinder, Sanctum £13.00

New Stuff

SOLD OUT - WOLFBRIGADE    Anti-Tank Dogs    7"    Agipunk    £8.00


SOLD OUT - D.N.A.    Discography 1983 - 1987    LP    Puke N Vomit Records    £15.00

SOLD OUT - REAGAN YOUTH    Regenerated - A Collection Of Alternative Classics    LP    Puke N Vomit    £15.00   



SOLD OUT - SKEPTIX, The    ...So The Youth    LP    Puke N Vomit    £13.00


SOLD OUT - WORLD BURNS TO DEATH    The Sucking Of The Missile Cock    LP    Agipunk    £13.00


SOLD OUT - ENGLISH DOGS    Forward Into Battle    LP    Radiation Records    £15.00

Saturday, 30 July 2022

New Stuff


SOLD OUT - Sludge "What is the real cause of this Tragedy ?" EP - From the quiet city of Wakayama, Sludge strikes back with 4 new tracks of their style of Japanese hardcore. They fuse the heavy riffing and guitar acrobatics of metal, the dynamic songwriting and rebellious attitude of hardcore, and the fuckin stench of crust into a sound that's all their own, emotional and spirited but also tough and heavy. Throw later Ghoul and later AntiSect into a blender and sprinkle Hi-san's guitar heroics and Katsuya's memorable roar on the top, and you're in the right territory. Powerhouse shit, mastered for vinyl by Enormous Door Mastering for maximum impact. £6.00


Agravio - Que Futuro De La Verga EP (SPHC​-​117)(Mexico)From the ashes of Sacrificio arises Agravio. Seeking "to show that crude daily life of our so-called third world, that imprison and embitter us", Agravio follows up their demo tape with 7 tracks of hardcore rampage. Compared to Sacrificio, it's a little less complex and thrashing, a little more loose and hardcore, but the same sense of desperate attitude and immediate, relentless whirlwind songwriting. Originally the goal was to do some heavy touring on this record, but given corona, they've been doing some heavy rehearsing instead. So watch out for an LP soon! 500 copies in 1 pressing

 SOLD OUT - Detesto - self-titled EP
After a split live tape and a few comp tracks, Detesto make their long-awaited vinyl debut. Five tracks of heavy d-beat hardcore, clearly drawing from brutal Swedish kang like Wolfpack, Disfear, the Uncurbed, but with a modern sense of reverb'd vocals and the occasional mosh groove. All captured with a flawless production: guitars at in-the-red metallic distortion, bass at a cataclysmic distorted rumble, drums heavy and dense, vocals in the desperate reverb'd hell. Perfect! And the Sugi cover art is the cherry on top. For me, it's one of the best releases of this style in recent years. £6.00 plus post
Detesto - self-titled EP (SPHC-118) | SPHC Records (


Thursday, 21 July 2022

Various – Deaner Skate Rock Vol. 2

 Various – Deaner Skate Rock Vol. 2 £12.00

Second instalment of this compilation series, featuring hardcore punk bands from the Southwest of England who play at the DLH funday event in Bristol. Also included are some tracks donated from American hardcore legends Bad Religion and JFA. Yellow vinyl!


1. Prang – Die By The Gun
2. No Warning Shot – Hold Your Ground
3. The Crowd – Do You Hate Me Now
4. Pizza Tramp – Poor Poor Poor Mark Arland
5. Bad Religion – Along The Way
6. Goober Patrol – Beer
7. Drunken Marksmen – Like A Disease
8. Rash Decision – Dead As Fuck Mind
9. The Disconnected – Youre Too Happy
10. Migraines – Life Sucks One Of Us
11. F. Emasculata – Mulder Its Me
12. Seagull Boys – Bored In The Basement
13. Grand Collapse – Amygdala
14. JFA – Clown Party
15. Rough Guts – Crack The Cranium
16. Cydernide – Prioridades
17. Chinned – Knuckledragger
18. Bad Sam – Pedagree Poor
19. Deathtraps – Fucked Up
20. Roll Bars – Black Candle

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

New From Ruin-nation records

 SOLD OUT - AFK "Another Pair Of Eyes" LP

The third album of Hamburg's steamroller noise punk merchants A.F.K. (Aargh Fuck Kill) - Nine new songs that, compare to their last album, see a u-turn back to their roots of full throttle hardcore punk with a aggressive sonic intensity!

Lyrics shouted in German and English show and tell a description of the insanity, frustration and anger that lies in the void of the current state of society. Especially in the past two years.

One can say that A.F.K. along with their mates from INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL are the pinnacle of the current Hamburg crust punk exports!

Recorded by Ryan Leverenz-Mompellio at OFF YA TREE Studios.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at DEAD AIR.

Vinyl album comes with a lyric sheet and free digital download! 

Black £14.00 / Coloured £15.00




SOLD OUT - HIATUS "From Resignation" LP

"... to Revolt!" - The 1993 debut full-length of Belgium's crust punk institution HIATUS! Originally released by the legendary Sound Pollution Records of Hellnation's Ken Hansford. The original release was a quite hard to find item for decades, until now twenty-nine years after its initial release and 12 months at the pressing plant we present you the official reissue of this Euro-Crustpunk classic.

Packed with 16 tracks of fast, raw and powerful scandi-crust infused hardcore punk with incredible force behind it's production. The sound of HIATUS was massively influenced by the likes of DOOM and ANTI-CIMEX but with a dash of hardrock-esque mid-tempo lines thrown in here and there to lay the foundation that will become the unmistakable unique HIATUS style.

The range of lyrical topics is shockingly still too relevant even three decades later. Poverty, Police Violence, Fascism, Sexists, Warmonger, Drug abuse, Animal rights, Sell outs... like nothing has changed at all!

Recorded at Cats Studio by Marc Daeninck 1993
Mastered at Greg Lee Processing 1993
Re-Mastered at Enormous Door Mastering by Jack Control 2021

Includes a double sided lyric sheet and a bonus poster. All artwork has been restored as close to the original as possible.

Limited Color edition on Beer Bottle Green Vinyl is available exclusively from Ruin Nation Records as pre-order and from HIATUS at Gigs.

Black £14.00 / Coloured £15.00

New stuff from F.O.A.D In Soon

SHOT GUN "1994-2003: Stick to old-fashioned style" gatefold 2xLP+CD + OBI + booklet + sticker (black) £25.00 plus post

SOLD OUT - IGNORANTES "Parece que tuvimos demasiados hijitos" + 6 panel foldout insert + poster (black) £15.00 plus post

SOLD OUT - SOUND OF DISASTER "Välfärd 1984-1985" LP + poster + 8 page booklet (black) £15.00 plus post

SOLD OUT - NYX NEGATIV "Kalrshamns Punks 1981-1984" LP + 24 page booklet (black) £15.00 plus post

SOLD OUT - RAW POWER "Mine to kill - Extended" Gatefold 2xLP + insert (black) £23.00 plus post

SOLD OUT - RATOS DE PORÃO "Necropolítica" Gatefold LP + 8 page 12"x12" booklet (black) £15.00 plus post