Thursday, 23 March 2023


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From the ashes of Endless Chaos, M.V-11 hail from Miyakonojō, in the deep south of Japan's Kyūshū island. They deliver a pummeling fast Japanese hardcore that only the Japanese can do, in the vein of Nightmare or Lipcream. These are the 6 first tracks of these 3 maniacs !!
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Wednesday, 22 March 2023


Atoxxxico – Tu Tienes La Razon LP £12.00
  The first US pressing of their 1990 debut album. Atoxxxico is a legendary and popular band that is well known in both the US and Latin America. The LP is a cool mix of hardcore punk and crossover elements.

De Cylinders – Chartbusters 1978-1982 LP £12.00
The first ever vinyl collection that includes all the collectable 7” singles from this amazing Dutch Power Pop / New Wave band. The PNV collection not only compiles all three Dutch only 7” singles released between 1980-1981 but also unreleased studio recordings from the same period. De Cylinders feature a 6-piece line up with cool keyboards and great female vocals giving the songs an extra level of catchiness. The songs are amazing hook filled classic early high energy 80s New Wave.

Mad Are Sane Reality LP £12.00
Repressed for the first time since 2007, Queer Pills is re-releasing/repressing this amazing slice of UK Anarcho Dark Punk. Originally self- released by the band on cassette in the UK only in 1984. The track ‘Animal Crimes' from the tape was featured on legendary UK Anarcho/Punk 'Who? What? Why? When? Where?' compilation LP in 1984 released on the pioneering and influential Mortarhate Records. Over the years the band has become very well known and is the demand has been building for this reissue.

False Confession - Out Of The Basement Demo 1983 LP £12.00
This compilation album compiles their 18 track 1983 demo along with their collectable 1984 Mystic Records 7” EP. False Confession is an amazing dark Punk band from Oxnard California. The band is still playing shows, putting out records and touring.

4 skins - singles and rarities £23.00
Another heavyweight of the English scene released on Dirty Punk Records and certainly one of the best known and best Oï! bands ever. Formed in 1979, THE 4 SKINS have released a lot of songs on compilations that have marked the history of Oï! Like "Oi!" The Album", "Strength Thru Oi! "Carry on Oi!"... as well as some cult 7 inch vinyls.
By adding a few rare titles, we were able to release this double album bringing together the best of the band. Everything is there and everything is essential. No extensions with dirty sounding lives or bad rehearsals in a garage, here is gathered all the best of the 4 SKINS. All in a superb gatefold sleeve with beautiful and rare photos of the band and a history of the songs written by Mark Brennan.
A wonder to hold in your hands. ©2023 Dirtypunk Records


  Partisans – The Time Was Right LP  £12.00
The first domestic release of the Partisans 2nd album. Originally released in 1984 on Cloak & Dagger Records. The Time Was Right starts off with a bang-"I Never Needed You," one of the best Punk songs ever written, begs the listener to shout along with the chorus. The album features other indispensable Punk classics like the magnanimous "The Money Rolls In" and the equally impressive "Blind Ambition," which are both teeming with emotion and pleading vocals. Off the live side, some highlights are the entreating "17 Years," "Arms Race," with its Cold War commentary, and "Overdose," with its memorable bass/drum intro and infectious beat.


 Major Conflict - NYHC 1983 LP £12.00
 Originally released on CD only in 2005, this will be the first ever vinyl release of Major Conflict’s Discography. Major Conflict were an early 80s NYCHC band hailing from Queens, New York. Major Conflict rose from the ashes of another legendary NYC HC and Urban Waste. The LP includes their sought after 7” EP from 1983, plus rare studio demo tracks and amazing raw live tracks recorded at CBGBs and A7


 COMP - Sudden Death LP - £12.00 plus post
Back in print for the first time on vinyl after many years. Initially released on legendary and pioneering Southern California Punk/Hardcore label Smoke 7 Records in 1982. The essential “Sudden Death” compilation is back, featuring exclusive tracks from Red Kross, JFA, Moral Decay, The Sins, Crankshaft, Sadist Faction, The Demented, Naughty Women, Dead Youth and Youth Gone Mad. This compilation features a who’s who of Southern California Trashy Punk / Hardcore.


 Circle One - Patterns Of Force Alternative Take LP  £12.00
 Unreleased alternate mix of their legendary 1983 album, taken from the original tapes. this was the first rough mix before John Macias decided to remix. fast and furious early 80s Southern California Hardcore.The original album is now considered a pioneering classic of American Hardcore for its lyrics dealing with teenage frustration and angst along such bands as Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag.


Undertakers - S/T LP  £12.00
 One of the coolest bands to emerge out of the early East LA scene, The Undertakers started out in 1977/1978 and would develop a unique darkness tinged ominus punk sound that sounded unlike anyone else at the time. Having played many a show at the legendary venues in East LA such at the now infamous Vex and other legendary clubs such as the Hong Kong Garden, The Whiskey, the Starwood and the Mabuhay Gardens, they shared the these stages with the likes of The Plugz, The Gears, Alleycats, DOA, X,Suburban Lawns and the Brat and many others.
Puke n Vomit is excited to finally make available for the first time on LP their unreleased 1981 studio album that was scheduled to be released on Tito Larriva's Fatima Records but remained unreleased until it was briefly available on CD in 2001. This will be the first vinyl LP release of this now legendary slice of LA punk in it's intended form with extensive packaging.

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Friday, 17 March 2023



 Distress “progress//regress” 12inch white vinyl £17.00 plus Post

 Swedish hardcore band , active early 90s. Influenced by early Anti-cimex, and British HC bands like Chaos Uk , Doom, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death,.
NFSC played live around sweden with bands like Extinction of mankind, Totalitär, Doom, warcollapse , bombraid. They also did an Italy tour.
NON FORTES SED CRUDELES "Enemy Minded Demo 1994" 12 inch Swedish punk on White Vinyl £17.00 plus Post
NON FORTES SED CRUDELES "Enemy Minded Demo 1994" 12 inch on Black Vinyl £14.00 plus Post



Stalinstadt / Lüger “desperate//hopeless” 12inch white vinyl £17.00
Stalinstadt / Lüger “desperate//hopeless” 12inch Black vinyl £14.00
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Disease / Zodiak “split” 7inch red vinyl repress
£7.00 plus post
D-Beat Raw Noisepunk Macedonia/Jap


NOW AVAILABLE £6.00 plus post


£6.00 plus post



Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Order from F.O.A.D arrived


ACUTE "Who wants war - Discography 1986-1989" 2xLP+CD  £26.00

EYESCREAM "The end - Complete discography" LP   £16.00

ASBESTOS "Loud Noise Infection" LP  £16.00

 MRTVI KANAL / GRČ Split LP  £15.00

 AUTARKIA "Gobiernate a ti mismo" LP  £15.00

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Sunday, 6 November 2022


SOLD OUT - UTOPIE "Seconde Figure" MLP  on Symphony of destruction £12.00 plus post.
SOD#85 UTOPIE - Seconde Figure MLP
Insert + Screenprinted Poster A2
2 years later a well-acclaimed demo cassette in France, UTOPIE, Cold Punk from Lille, have a first 6 track MLP "Seconde Figure" out now on wax that reflect well the dark urban-sounding atmospher of their city's life. A perfect soundtrack for a cold night walk in the streets, kick some garbage cans, skip the cops and graffiti the dirties wall of your ghost town!!

SOLD OUT - HÆVNER "Kaldet Fra Tomrummet" LP  released by Symphony of Destruction £12.00 plus post

OUT OF STOCK - RIGOROUS INSTITUTION "Cainsmarsh" LP  released by Symphony of Destruction £12.00 plus post